New build

Niesing Bouwbedrijf helps you from a to z with the realization of your new build residence.

New builds by Niesing Bouwbedrijf

Building a residence, a new build dwelling or an office is a real commitment, not to mention laborious. This is why Niesing Bouwbedrijf likes to answer all your questions and make this process a little easier.

Niesing Bouwbedrijf makes your investment valuable

Building a new home is an immense investment. What you need is a expert who takes care of this project. Niesing Bouwbedrijf is this expert. What distinguishes us is our 80 years of experience in combination with our skilled labour.  Additionally, our crafstmen offer various energy conservation measures to make your home enegy efficient.

Read more about how we can help in terms of design and guidance. Do you want to know what we can mean to you? Please contact us for a non-commital quotation!

Our new build projects

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