Nieuwkoop, Construction of meeting place ‘de Brug’

New build

Meeting place ‘de Brug’
Because of the experience Niesing gained with the façade and roof renovation of the Reformed church in Woerdense Verlaat, Niesing was approached for the construction of a meeting place for the Evangelical community ‘De Brug’ in Nieuwkoop. This municipality has been in existence since 1993. After having changed locations several times, the meeting space in 1997 got its own building on the Achterweg. It has become too small due to growth and a new space has been built on the Nieuwveenseweg 15.

Designed for the future
The design is by Cok Vermeulen Architectural Drawing and Consulting Agency from Nieuwveen, which has the intention to connect the meeting place with the industrial appearance of the environment. The mix of large volume building that should be suitable for meetings requires insight into how to deal with acoustics and sustainability. Taking the growth of the number of members into account, the foundation has already been enlarged, so that an expansion can easily be realized in the future. This was a project that we proudly look back on.