Design & Construction Guidance

Niesing Bouwbedrijf helps you with the design and guides you through the construction process.

Guidance from design to maintenance

“Construction is something new for you but for me an everyday activity. I notice that people often dream of a certain end result but that the realization of this end result is unnecessarily expensive. I try to meet your expectations while staying within budget. Often there are a lot possibilities, all you need is someone with a different perspective. Do not hesitate to contact me, I am delighted to see what the possibilities are for you!”

– Janco de Vink, C.E.O. Niesing Bouwbedrijf BV.

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Our services


The construction process starts with a design. This is why we convert your wishes into a design through personal conversations. Because of long lasting collaborations with the best architects, we are able to advise which architects suits your project best.

Construction guidance

During the construction process you will encounter many practical questions: which activity will be executed when and how long will that take? Niesing Bouwbedrijf will guide you through the whole construction process and will answer all your questions.


Often a permit is required to execute the construction. As a result of our considerable experience, we know exactly what requirements the permit should meet. Niesing Bouwbedrijf, therefore, offers its assistance with your request for a permit.


For certain projects you are qualified for a subsidy, for instance for insulating your house in combination with other sustainable measures. Would you like to have more information about subsidies and how to apply for them? We are here to help!

Interested? Do not hesitate to contact us!